What We Do

Management Consulting: We work with client leadership teams to support critical decisions they need to make in strategy, finance, innovation, operations, and product management.  Our efforts provide guidance through analysis of markets and competitors, assessment of internal operations and teams, identification of strategic partnerships, and exploration of technologies.

Change Management: We provide operational leadership to clients to supplement their senior management team in strategy, finance, product management, and operations.  We help address near-term requirements of our consulting work and guide the transition to a permanent leadership  plan.

M&A Services: We provide support for client efforts to scale their growth through the M&A process, either as an acquirer or as a target acquisition.  We work directly with the management team and alongside banking and legal teams to analyze the strategic, operational, and organizational implications of a potential agreement.

Who We Work With

Our clients are a mix of very large, well-established corporations and early-to-mid-stage ventures.  Working against similar opportunities across very different ecosystems allows us to leverage the best insights from both worlds.

We focus our work on companies at the intersection of technology and customer engagement, including digital media, themed entertainment, retail, consumer products, and health services.  Working within and across industries allows us to develop both deep and broad insights that benefit our clients.

We work with clients on the cusp of an important change in their business.  Examples where we engage include a significant shift in business strategy, the desire to identify and capitalize on new opportunities, and the need to scale operations.

Who We Are


Why You Would Work With Us

You are seeking a catalyst for change that helps drive you forward on a high impact opportunity. You want an approach that engages strategic, operational, and organizational elements, and provides actionable insights and specific steps.

You want a bespoke initiative that addresses your specific and unique requirements. Your engagement needs to be built around a clear understanding of your distinct situation, objectives, and expectations, and customized to your operational and organizational environment.

You are looking for a team that has a long track record of successfully partnering with clients to provide trusted counsel to your leadership team. You want them to have a diverse set of expertise as operating executives, management consultants, start-up leaders, venture capitalists, and educators.


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